The idea of an icecream truck that went out and about within our local community helping raise funds for schools, teams and charities first came about at a business planning session…and it just grew from there.
The first truck we had was a converted decommissioned ambulance, an idea we had after one of our meetings with St John Ambulance. We also decided that while having an icecream truck was great, it was really only practical for the summer months, so we decided that we would add coffee to the mix and that way we could be active fairly consistently throughout the year. Atomic Coffee and Tip Top stepped up to help us out with freezers and a coffee machine. We are now onto our second truck, a more modern version powered by a generator, and it has trained baristas working in it and serving exceptional Atomic coffee and Tip Top ice-cream to the community. We are also able to offer the flexibility of paying for items by cash or EFTPOS.

So how does it work? You will need to talk to a local Harcourts Cooper & Co agent and let them know what the fundraising event is – if it is something they are keen to support, they will see if the date is available for the truck and staff to be there – it pays to get in a couple of months ahead to book if you can as it can be in high demand! The agent will cover the cost of hiring the truck and the staff, and they will come along to be involved in the event – a chance for them to get out and support the community!

Coffee & Cone does need to be parked on a flat surface (preferably not grass) in order for the coffee machine to work. And once you’ve booked it in, we pretty much take care of the rest. We will turn up and get set up 20-30 minutes prior to opening.We also have gazebos, tables and chairs that we can bring along if you require an outdoor cafe setup (depending on availability). In general we sell icecreams for $2 per single scoop and coffees for $4 with 50% of the proceeds going back to who we are fundraising for. The balance is kept to cover costs of the ingredients, transport and truck maintenance etc. We will advise you of the funds raised and ask you to send us an invoice for the amount owed. Payment will be made to your school, sports team, charity or organisation’s bank account.If you want to be part of the journey, talk to your local Harcourts Cooper & Co sales consultant or office today or contact the Community Relationship Team for more information.

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