New Zealand government has recently passed a vast amount of significant changes to the Residential Tenancy Act. These changes are the biggest alterations of the Act New Zealand has made in decades. Familiarising yourself with these is hugely encouraged, however this will consume considerable time and patience to fully understand. Here at Harcourts, we do it all for you.


Just to name a few

  • Properties sold with vacant possession will require notice of 90 days for tenants to vacate, up from 42 days
  • Rents can only be increased every 12 months
  • Fixed term tenancies will automatically roll over to periodic tenancies and can’t be ended at the expiry of the fixed term without cause
  • Tenants are allowed to make small alterations/renovations to properties (hanging pictures, painting etc)
  • Fines up to $100,000 can be dealt with by Tenancy Tribunal where previously once over $50k they would have to go to the district court

As mentioned above, considerable fines will be given to all those who do not comply with all of the changes. Get to know all the new rules around the Residential Tenancy Act, or give us a call to talk about how we can help.



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