In New Zealand, we have one of the highest home ownership percentages in the world and housing is something that we all love talking about. It’s usually our biggest asset but it can also be our biggest stress.

Are you preparing to sell your property? We’re here to guide you through the home-selling process. Below you will find some information on the different sales methods, some of our success stories and an offer of a free property appraisal. Of course your situation is unique to you, so if you have any questions about any part of the process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Selling your home is a big step. At Harcourts Cooper & Co, we aim to make the process of selling your home as straightforward as possible. We want to make sure that you’re informed on the selling process and know what to expect along the way.


Our seasoned experts use the right tools to price and position your home to find the best buyer."


Some of our vendors discuss how Harcourts Cooper & Co made the selling process as straightforward as possible.


There are usually four sale methods that you can choose from when listing your home for sale. Below are some important points to consider before making a decision:


Selling by auction is the preferred option for many. This is because your property is generally on the market for a shorter time, and has the highest sales rate. An intensive, high-profile auction marketing programme attracts genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers. These buyers are focused on the maximum price they’ll pay, not how low their offer should be. Combined with the excitement of the big day, it’s this natural level of competition that helps establish the highest possible price on the day. We’ll assist you in setting the terms, conditions and auction day deadline. Also, the property needs to be only opened for buyer viewing at times that best suit you, so the auction process is regarded as the least disruptive method of selling.


This method of marketing creates a high profile for your property and establishes a competitive environment without having to list a price. You also set the terms, conditions and deadline. Prospective buyers become emotionally involved before they consider price and have only one opportunity to put forward their most competitive bid.


When considering marketing your property with a set price, it is extremely important to determine the right figure from the start. Market facts are used to properly gauge this figure. Over-priced properties take longer to sell and do not attract the optimum number of potential buyers, particularly during the prime selling period. The price will often drop considerably without the competition between these buyers.


By using sale by negotiation, you can both maximise buyer interest and also ensure a high sale price for your home. The buyer is also focused more on the property and less on the price. This is a great way to gain feedback from the market before settling on a price you’re happy with.


One of the hardest parts of listing your home for sale is determining the value of your home. Many different factors can create unrealistic expectations. If the price is too low, you risk losing money. If the price is too high, you risk losing buyers.

The best approach is to study the current real estate market. That’s where the local market knowledge and expertise of your Harcourts Cooper & Co sales consultant comes in. They will be able to show you comparisons of other similar homes in your area – this will show you your competition. Quite simply, the current property market determines the value of your home.

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