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Harcourts New Zealand welcomes new GM Business Sales

Press Release – Harcourts

Harcourts Group Limited are delighted to announce that Jayson Hayde has been appointed to the role of General Manager, Business Sales for NAI Harcourts North Shore.

Jayson who joined NAI Harcourts in February this year as the Franchise and Hospitality Business Sales Specialist, is no stranger to the world of business.

Over his 30-year career, he and his family have held an extremely successful McDonald’s franchise, he has developed a forward-thinking movie franchise called Movie 24 and then had a long and successful stint with Columbus Coffee where he opened the flagship store in Takapuna. During his time with Columbus Coffee, he was responsible for training new franchisees and in-store orientations. During this tenure, he was also a founding member of the franchise advisory council and was also closely involved with the strategic direction of the brand.

Jayson’s journey into commercial and real estate was an easily navigated path. After a discussion with Martin Cooper (Managing Director, Harcourts Cooper & Co.), and Jayson sharing his vision of disrupting the business sales market, the wheels were set in motion.

“The power of NAI Harcourts is that we are small enough to act local but large enough to act global. While we are here to be sales people, there is an opportunity to educate buyers and sellers on creating wins and making the process work for them. I really hopeful that my experience in strategic business development will lend to B2B sales and uncovering of these opportunities daily,” he says.

Tony Kidd, NZ General Manager NAI Harcourts says, “Jayson is someone I have had the greatest of respect for and am delighted to see him take this new role within NAI Harcourts. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jayson in his new capacity. He brings experience, enthusiasm and vision to the role.”

When asked what he hoped to achieve in the role, Jayson replied, “in this position I would like to be able to make the NAI Harcourts North Shore the agency of choice when buying or selling a business.”

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Hop on over to the North Shore for the best Hot Cross buns this Easter.

With Easter just around the corner, we have made a list of the top 5 cafes and bakery’s to get Hot Cross Buns on the North Shore.


1. OTT | Birkenhead

Pronounced Ott, like his last name. The Owner Chris Ott has been baking his famous Easter buns for seven years now. Based out of his bakery on the corner of Birkenhead Ave, in Birkenhead. Chris, who is originally from Germany, brought the famous hot cross bun recipe to the North Shore all the way from the UK. The secret? Ensuring you have a good recipe, perfecting the skill of making the dough – the proving and the baking, and then leaving them in the fridge overnight to marinade, to make them taste better.

More about OTT here.


OTT – Birkenhead

2. Bread and Butter Bakery | Milford

Bread & Buttery Bakery in Milford, say the secret to ensuring there glazed bun standout from the rest is their organic ingredients, the secret blend of seven different spices and lengthy fermentation process. The more time you give them, the better the flavour will be.

More about Bread and Butter here.

Bread and Butter x Huckleberries

Huckleberries have also teamed up with Bread & Butter to bring an extra special hot cross bun this year. They’re limited edition too – so be sure to get in quick! These hotcross buns are filled with delicious dried fruit and spices, organic ingredients, and lovingly baked in small batches, to ensure the best quality and taste for you. Be sure to stock up with plenty for weekend breakfasts and afternoon teas. Toasted and enjoyed with your favorite butter and jam.

Bread and Butter – Milford

3. Wild Wheat Bakery | Devonport

The Wild Wheat Bakery, located in Devonport have a 16 year old award-winning recipe for their handcrafted hot cross buns. The sourdough bread comes with fruit, spice, and all things nice. The ingredients list is not shy of mixed peel, currants, sultanas, raisins and spice which keeps the buns light and fluffy and fresher for longer. The tradition which features soaking the fruit and spices together for over 24 hours and creating each hot cross bun lovingly by hand. Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing with a “perfect round shape, glistening with a sticky glaze and sporting a perfectly aligned cross”.

More about Wild Wheat Bakery here.


Wild Wheat Bakery – Devonport


Little and Friday – Takapuna

4. Little and Friday | Takapuna

Little and Friday Bakery, based in Takapuna, bake Hot Cross Buns however, not so traditional. Rather than being soft, spongy and fluffy, these hot cross buns are almost more like little cakes and will fill you up after one. The bread itself boasts just enough spice and the cross on top, is sweeter than most. Be sure to get in quick, and grab these delicious treats fresh out of the oven daily, around 10am.

More about Little and Friday here.


5. New World Bakery | Birkenhead

Baking industry association New Zealand placed these hot cross buns second in New Zealand. Making these the best Hot Cross Buns in the North Island, and second best in the South. You will wish that every day was Easter with these very traditional hot cross buns which including sultanas, currant and spice flavour. Everybody will love these, served straight from the oven, with melted butter.

More Easter Treats |

Mimosa Cafe | Located in Takapuna caters for those who are gluten-free. They offer a raw hot cross bun. More here.

Lily Eatery | Located in Devonport, this cafe is offering up a special brioche bun for the Easter season. Filled with pecans, apples, cinnamon and a salted caramel glaze. More here.

Little Bird Unbakery | If you are up for a trip across the bridge to Ponsonby, then this unbakery has plenty of healthy treats, including a raw hot cross bun, Easter truffles and a Caramel and cream nest. More here.

Giapo | Although they havnt released anything yet, be sure to keep a look out for Giapo’s Easter creation. Last year they created a Hot Cross Bun, part cone, part spiced ice cream, part hot cross bun. Served warm. More here

Giapo – Auckland City


Mimosa Cafe – Takapuna

Here are the best vegetables to plant and harvest in the garden this March

It’s time to harvest the last of the summer produce and start preparing for Autumn by planting and sowing new vegetables


Best vegetables to harvest

When harvesting summer vegetables, don’t discard those with the odd mark or two. Perfect shapes and unblemished leaves do not make your crops taste any better.

Pick globe artichoke before young flower buds start to open, ideally when they are 5-10cm in diameter. Cut stem 8-10cm below the base of buds to keep them fresh for longer. Other buds will often form on the one stalk.

Dig up beetroot roots if plants are close together, taking out alternate plants in each row. This will allow remaining roots to get larger. Try this also with carrots and use thinnings in salads and stir-fries.

Potatoes can be harvested even if leaves haven’t completely turned brown, particularly if the weather is starting to get cold in your area. Make sure you remove all potato tubers from the ground when digging up your spuds as leaving small ones to germinate can cause diseases and attract pests next season. For a healthy vege garden it’s important to practise good crop rotation and never plant those in the same family two years in succession.

After potatoes, for instance, you could plant leafy greens, onions or anything in the cabbage family.

Wait until top growth has died down when harvesting yams. Likewise with pumpkin. As vines die down pick them with a little bit of stalk attached so they will store for longer.

Keep picking tomatoes as they start to turn red, yellow, black, purple or orange depending on the variety. If you want to pull out plants to make space for growing winter vegetables, hang any branches with green fruit on them in a warm, dry porch or inside the house, and they’ll generally ripen.


To rejuvenate tired lawns, dig out weeds and sow grass seed mixed with planting compost into bare patches. Poke the ground with a fork first to loosen the soil if necessary.


The best vegetables to sow

Spinach is an ideal, super-healthy winter crop and can be grown in cold and warm regions. Sow seed direct into the garden or into punnets if it’s chilly in your area. Plants will produce leaves for several weeks; harvest them individually if you prefer. Spinach contains lots of vitamin A and K plus folate, iron, manganese and magnesium. Protect young seedlings from frost if need be.

Collards are a little-grown winter crop. From the same family as cabbage and broccoli, collards are large, dark green, leafy plants similar to kale, grown widely in South America and parts of Africa, Europe and Asia. They’re said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, help lower cholesterol and support digestive systems, making them ideal for those with irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease or cardiovascular problems. Sow seed direct into the garden or seed trays and plant out in 4-6 weeks. Avoid sowing where you’ve recently grown another brassica.

If you like kale try sowing cavolo nero this autumn; it’s worth it for the beauty of its leaves and its nutritional benefits. Best in rich soil with plenty of organic matter such as compost, all kales need a sunny spot sheltered from cold winds. They can turn bitter in hot weather so in warmer northern areas plant in autumn when temperatures are cooler. Cover seed with 15mm of soil and keep mixture moist. Leaves are sweeter if plants receive plenty of moisture. Plant out when seedlings have 6 or more leaves.


The best vegetables to plant

Instead of the common green cabbage why not plant red cabbages this year? Their beautiful, wine-coloured leaves can turn your vege patch into a showpiece and your salads into gourmet delights. If you have space, plant a row of red cabbages in your garden to lure the white butterflies away from other vegetables. Soil needs to be fertile and not too light for all cabbages, red or green. Try ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ or ‘Regal Red’ varieties.

Parsley seedlings can be planted directly into the garden or pots now. Parsley is full of vitamin C and great for winter soups and stews. Keep planting thyme and other frost-hardy herbs too.

Cauliflower seedlings can also go into the garden, ideally somewhere out of the wind with rich, fertile soil. Also plant or sow celery, carrots, peas, broad beans and broccoli.

Words by: Carol Bucknell.


Harcourts is a proud partner of the Auckland Lantern Festival for the second year in a row

Harcourts is delighted to announce we are the proud partner of Auckland Lantern Festival 2019.

Chief Operations Officer of Harcourts International Jo-Anne Clifford says Harcourts are delighted to be part of such a fantastic event for the second year in a row.

“The Lantern Festival is the largest celebration of the Chinese New Year outside of China and is a joyful celebration of the cultural diversity that makes Auckland the amazing city it is.

Our franchise owners from the northern region which includes Auckland, Whangarei and the Bay of Islands have banded together to sponsor the event and we couldn’t be happier to announce our partnership which began in 2018.”

Clifford says Harcourts is proudly multi-cultural, represented by 2,373 sales consultants in New Zealand from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The free, family-friendly festival takes place in Auckland Domain from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 February until 10.30pm each day, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display on Sunday night at 10.15pm.

The festival, welcoming in the Year of the Pig, will showcase a mix of music and dance performances, martial arts demonstrations and traditional Chinese art and craft. Be entertained and dazzled by hundreds of handmade Chinese lanterns and enjoy some delicious food from the wide-range of Asian food stalls which will be open throughout the event.

The Harcourts area at the festival will include an innovative House of Lanterns with over 500 brightly lit up lanterns on colourful display. Aucklanders are invited and encouraged to go along to the Harcourts House of Lanterns and enjoy the spectacle for themselves.

180,000 people are expected to turn out for the 20th Auckland Lantern Festival for a chance to enjoy and experience the traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the festival, Harcourts is giving away $20,000. Two lucky winners will each receive $10,000 when they list their property with Harcourts between 1 February and 7 April 2019. Find out more about this exciting promotion at here.

The Auckland Lantern Festival is delivered by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), on behalf of Auckland Council.