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Property Management Services

Our Philosophy Behind Successful Property Management Services:

  1. Maximising Your Return – Our role is not to just lease your property, it is to deliver you the best rental to maximise your asset.
  2. Finding Your Ideal Tenant – The quality of your tenant is vital to ensure the condition and value of your property. All applicants are carefully checked and evaluated so that we can recommend the very best tenant for your property.
  3. Looking After Your Tenant – Once we have selected the best tenant we make sure that they also enjoy a quality experience during the tenancy.
  4. Managing the Process with Care – We look after your property as if it were our own. We are exceedingly particular when it comes to the tenant selection process, regular inspections, legal documentation and supplier quality.
  5. Attention to Detail – Maintenance issues small or large could cause damage over time. An unreturned call can lose a quality tenant. We sweat the small stuff so that none of this happens to your property.
  6. We believe that excellent communication is the key so we will keep you fully updated along the way.

Property Management Landlord Services

The reasons of our success are simple:

  • We value our staff and our clients
  • We innovate, never imitate.
  • We will not compromise on our standard and they are unbelievably high.
  • We have created an environment in which complacency doesn’t exist.
  • Our systems and practices are worldwide.

As a landlord represented by Harcourts Cooper & Co Property Management you can expect a service that yields higher market rents and lower vacancy rates.

Here is how we do it:

  • Our Property Managers will tackle any problem and deliver prompt, efficient service.

Your Property Manager will:

  • Keep you informed on the tenant selection process.
  • Keep you informed on the rental market.
  • Be proactive about rent increases and lease renewals.

Dangers for Private Landlords

One of the most important decisions landlords make is whether to manage their rental property themselves or enlist the services of a professional property manager.

DIY property management may sound easy but it can be quite complex and there are numerous traps.

A major issue facing landlords is legal implications, as risk management is now an important part of property management. If you are going to do it yourself then you need to have a thorough understanding of the tenancy legislation and paperwork required.

There are also many day-to-day problems that can arise. Common issues that need to be dealt with are tenants getting behind in the rent, having pets without approval, gardens and lawns not being maintained.

As many landlords often develop personal connections with their tenants, they may feel uncomfortable chasing rent arrears. Property Managers are emotionally removed and it becomes part of their daily routine.

Traps Private Landlords Should Avoid:

Not Having a Rental Agreement – A rental agreement is a legally enforceable contract.

Failing to Take a Bond – This is a deposit held at the bond centre in case tenants don’t meet there obligations under the tenancy agreement, such as failing to pay rent or causing damage to the property.

Not Filling Out a Property Condition Report – this document along with photos describes the standard of repair for the premises and any items included, such as furniture. It protects the interests of both parties.

Not Understanding Tenancy Laws – If landlords do not comply with the legislation, they can face fines.

Inspecting Without Correct Notice – The tenancy laws state how often inspections can be done and how much notice must be given to tenants. Failing to issue the correct notice can mean costly penalties.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest advantages of enlisting a property manager to look after their rental investment.

Although there is a cost involved in an expert, landlords are paying for a professional service and the fee is tax deductible. A property manager can also give advice on how to present the property to attract quality tenants and get the best rental return.

For a full insight into the service and fee structure for Harcourts Cooper & Co Property Management or if you would like to join us, please contact one of our Business Development Managers.

They will talk to you about your needs, give advice and take you through the Property Management Authority.


We will advertise and promote your property for rent without additional cost to you. We will do our best to attract the right tenant for your property whether it be by our internet based marketing, foot traffic coming past our office, prospective tenants on our books or window card promotion.

Tenant Selection

The selection process starts before we even receive an application. Our experienced Letting agent and Property Managers inform prospective tenants at the viewings what we expect and what is involved in renting a property that is managed by Harcourts Cooper & Co, we find that any unsuitable potential applicants are discouraged quite quickly.

Once we receive applications we then carry out thorough   reference and identity checks, if we are happy with these we then carry out a credit check.

Your Property manager will then be in touch to discuss the applications and get the final approval from you.

Tenancy Documentation

All our tenancies are covered by a comprehensive written tenancy agreement, and we will provide you with a copy.

We prefer fixed-term tenancies as they allow us to control the terms and the timing of tenancies to help you maximise the return on your investment through less vacancy.

Property Inspections

Our Property Managers will carry out a full inspection of your property using our own developed inspection application before the tenancy starts. Our Inspection agents then carry out routine inspections every 3 months. These inspection reports are reviewed by the Property Manager who will send to you with highlighted important findings.

iInspect – Inspection App exclusive to Harcourts Cooper & Co

Benefits of iInspect are:

  • Fast and easily read as it is electronic and takes good clear photos. Photos can be enlarged by the owner if they want to look at detail.
  • Meets insurance requirements. It is exclusive to Harcourts Cooper & Co and our internal policies and procedures so it can be adapted to changing legislation.
  • Quality & Detail – Inspection agants and Property Managers can rely on more quality inspections since consistency will yeild quality through standardised reporting. Photo taking and signature capinilities allow inspection agents and Property Managers to capture a more complete analysis and collect more thorough and accurate information. The detail that is truly required as part of the Move In Inspection process is often lacking; with an electronic process that is designed specifically to capture the needed information for your property especially with linked digital photographs and detailed notes. With iInspect, inspectors are required to rate every single item in each location, and can link a photograph and notes with each item, ultimately creating a truly representative record of the property at any inspection.
  • Speed – Instead of printing forms, driving back to the office and re-entering data, inspection agents and Property Managers can simply pull up the inspection undertaken on their iPads and sync it for instant accessability across the country.

Features are:

  • Date and timestamped inspections
  • Permanent storage of inspections
  • Unlimited photos of inspections
  • E-Signatures on inspections

Rent Collection

At Harcourts Cooper & Co we have a zero tolerance for rent arrears. All our tenants are required to sign a Rent and Water Arrears policy at the start of the tenancy, this clearly outlines what procedures will take place if the tenant falls into arrears.

If a tenant falls into arrears and we feel there is going to be an ongoing issue then we will let you know what is going on, to make sure you are happy with the course of action.

Organising Repairs and Maintenance

It is completely up to you how much involvement you have with the maintenance of your property- from none at all, to handling all non-emergency matters yourself.

Our Business Development managers will discuss this with you when they are going through the documentation and sign up process.

We are able to respond to routine maintenance and emergencies very quickly as we have tradespeople on hand and as we are a large business we get discounted rates and priority service.

Owner Payments

At Harcourts Cooper & Co we believe that we use the best technology and computer software to update, calculate and monitor rent payments and to pay contractors or other expenses. We have scheduled client disbursements on the 1st and 15th of every month [or next working day]. You will get a detailed statement via email or post on the 1st working day of every month.

Tenancy Tribunal & Mediation

If things go wrong and from time to time they do despite our best efforts, then we have a Tenancy Manager that represents us at the Tenancy Tribunal she is a specialist in this area and you can have the confidence that your rights are protected, and enforced if required.

There is no additional charges for representing you at Mediation or Hearings.