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Harcourts Cooper & Co have always worked on a philosophy of striving to be the best so that our clients receive the best service, the best results and the very best support. The awards we win are wonderful to have but we couldn’t win them without the support of our clients and our community so we thank you all for putting your faith in us and allowing us to serve you all with pride, passion and a commitment to excellence.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent, lease or join our sales team we’d be keen to share our experience, awards and all around excellence with you so please contact any of our team. Harcourts Cooper & Co – we’re something old, something new, something managed and something blue and we are here for you!

We’re glad you said, “I do”!

Something Old

Medium Agency of the Year 2018

We’re very proud to be the winner yet again of the 2018 Awards for Excellence in Real Estate Sales Medium Agency of the Year All Disciplines.

Something New

Community Service Award 2018

This year the REINZ chose to present Awards for Excellence in the Community Service arena.

Something Managed

Residential Property Manager of the Year 2018

If you are looking for a Property Manager who will put you and your property first, you should talk to Sue.

Thinking of Selling?

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Selling Property

In New Zealand we have one of the highest home ownership percentages in the world and housing is something that we all love talking about. It’s usually our biggest asset but it can also be our biggest stress. Selling for the best possible price is a way to maximise our wealth and we aim to take away some of the stress while helping you make the most of your biggest asset.

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6 Factors To Consider When Choosing Who Will Sell Your Home:

When considering selling your home the most important decision you will probably make will be choosing a real estate agent. Here are some factors you may like to consider when choosing your real estate consultant.

1. Known & Trusted
Do they work for a company with a good reputation that is known and trusted? Bigger companies care about their reputation and invest a lot of time and energy into robust systems and training their team members to be market leaders in service and results.

2. Networks
Although the salesperson you may be considering listing with is most probably the most important factor in a successful sale it is also the unseen network of people who stand behind them. How strongly represented is their company in the local marketplace? How many fellow salespeople, each with their own network of potential buyers, do they have ready to market your property? How about nationally or globally? Don’t limit the reach of your marketing campaign by only marketing locally.

3. Presentation
This person will be the face of your marketing campaign, the first person potential buyers will see at open homes or talk to on the phone. 1st impressions count. Is this someone a potential buyer could relate to in guiding them through the sales process?
Look at their marketing material. As a professional marketer their material should be exactly that… professional.

4. Knowledge of the Area
Just like not all homes are the same neither are communities and, as the saying goes, location is everything. How involved are they and their company in the local community? Does your potential salesperson have the knowledge about local schools and amenities to help promote your home’s location to prospective buyers. They should be aware of recent sales in the area and how they compare with your property.

5. Advice
What is their advice for preparing your property for sale?
A good real estate salesperson knows what ‘ticks a box’ for a buyer, what turns them off and should be able to advise you on what you should do to help get you the best price the market will pay. Do you need to de-clutter? Is some home staging required? What needs to be repaired? What needs to be painted, removed or covered? You may be surprised at what will turn off some buyers and some little changes can add thousands of dollars to the price you can achieve.

6. Marketing
You can’t sell a secret and putting your property in front of as many potential buyers gives you the best chance of finding one or more buyers who are wanting to compete for the right to own your home. The days of putting an ad in the paper and sitting back waiting for the phone to ring are long gone. What is their plan for putting your property on the world stage?
It should include both print and digital, including multiple websites that will expose your property to local, national and global audiences. What databases do they have access to? What is their plan?

Selling what, for most people, is their biggest asset can be a stressful process. A good real estate salesperson will help remove a lot of the stress and worry from the process.

If you have any questions feel free to talk to one of our team today. We’re here to help.

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