Rachel Cheng
Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

Rachel is proud to be a real estate salesperson as a team member in Harcourts Cooper & Co Birkenhead office following Jason who helped over 600 families achieve their real estate goals through multiple market conditions. Renovating and adding value to properties is Rachel's target for her clients, so Rachel is very proud to join the team with Jason who is well positioned to assist Rachel to deliver superior service to her clients because Jason is an expertise from all proven record of success in sales combined with Interior Design and Online Marketing. Rachel is well prepared and promises to use her expertise in helping you to meet your Real Estate goals. We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails. No matter what kind of the land and houses, there are suitable clients for them. Give Rachel and her team handle all the hassles, enjoy their expertise experience give you the peak return. Contact Rachel 021628936 小鄭(Rachel)自豪地成为Harcourts Cooper&Co Birkenhead办公室担任房地产销售员的团队成员。Jason (分公司经理)通过多种市场条件帮助600多个家庭实现了房地产目标。翻新和为物业增值是Rachel为其客户的目标,因此Rachel非常荣幸能与Jason一起加入团队,Jason能够协助Rachel为客户提供优质的服务,因为Jason的专业知识来自于其在所有成功案例中的成功经验。销售与室内设计和在线营销相结合。 Rachel为帮助您实现房地产目标做好了充分的准备。 我们不能引导风,但是可以调节风帆。无论哪种土地和房屋,都有适合他们的客户。 让Rachel和她的团队处理所有麻烦,享受他们的专业经验为您带来最高的回报。 联络Rachel 021628936
Licensed REAA 2008