Staff Member - Cooper & Co
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Kristina Marmont
Branch Manager Milford Harcourts Cooper & Co

They say there are 5 essential qualities of a great leader - clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion and humility and it is clear from the fact that the Harcourts Cooper & Co Milford office consistently ranks in the Top 5 offices worldwide for Harcourts International (over 900 offices in 10 countries) that there is a great leader at their helm. Kristina Marmont has worked in real estate for over two decades and has been the Manager of the Milford office for over 9 of those years. She is clear and concise at all times and knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure her team, and therefore their clients, have the knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful. After all good clarity leads to great achievement. Once Kristina has made a decision she will commit to it whole-heartedly, ensuring her team and their clients are supported, encouraged and happy with their results. She is bold and courageous for her team and their clients - in the knowledge that how she acts will make a difference to people's real estate experiences. There’s nothing more inspirational that seeing someone genuinely care about what they do and Kristina is one of those people who has boundless energy and passion for what she does. And while confidence is a very attractive trait Kristina also understands the importance of being humble. She can take advice, using it as an opportunity for growth, she can admit when she is wrong (but that’s not often) and she is grateful for the role she holds and the team she has the pleasure of working with every day. Kristina is committed to ensuring her team continue to be the very best they can be - that they have the skills, knowledge, professionalism and support that they need to ensure each and every person they come into contact with has an uplifting, positive and successful result from that contact. If you are looking for an exceptional real estate consultant backed by a great leader, or looking for a great leader to help you become an exceptional real estate consultant look no further than Kristina Marmont. She’s here to talk, advise and help - every step of the way.
Licensed REAA 2008