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Make The Most Of This Summer!

With our beautiful beaches, perfect parks and wonderful walks there’s something for everyone to love here on the beautiful North Shore. Check in here each week and we’ll let you know what’s happening where and when – because summer is for relaxing, enjoying and sharing time with loved ones. Harcourts Cooper & Co are involved in organising or supporting some of them, some we aren’t – but we’d love to see you out and about enjoying all the events and everything the North Shore has to offer or doing some fun, free things closer to home. Whatever takes your fancy – be inspired, have fun, do it!

The North Shore, what a great place to live!

The Great Kiwi Endless Summer

The great kiwi summer is often associated with BBQ’s, backyard cricket and alfresco dining… it’s many kiwi’s favourite time of the year… relishing everything our beautiful country has to offer and sharing it with friends & family. When we think of past summers, especially when growing up it’s nearly always hot and sunny except for that one time, normally camping or away on holiday when it poured down and suddenly the search was on for things to occupy ourselves indoors. Whatever the weather, whether it’s a work week or you’re on holiday, you want something to do by yourself, with your nearest and dearest, the kids or friends, a quiet activity or in the middle of a crowd, something you’ll pay for or something free…a kiwi summer should be great and endless.

Maybe it is a good time to pick a couple of things you wouldn’t normally do over summer. It could be as wild as ‘dance in the rain’, as romantic as ‘watch the sunset over water’, as simple as ‘collect seashells’, as practical as ‘clean out the garage’, as memorable as ‘playing spotlight tag’, as personal as ‘painting your toenails bright summer colours’, as energetic as committing to ‘going for a brisk walk every day’, as artistic as ‘paint a landscape’ or as awesome as going star gazing after dark!
Hopefully our list of suggestions will help you make the most of your summer whether at home or out and about.

Thinking Of Selling This Summer?

When it comes to real estate, summer is often seen as a prime time to buy & sell homes with properties looking their best bathed in sunshine. The bright sunshine provides good visual contrast for the curb appeal and shows inside rooms off well that may be darker and more closed off at other times of the year. Looking over a sunbathed backyard buyers can envisage the kids playing there or themselves relaxing on a deck chair on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Engage The Dream

We have a tendency to throw the doors open in warmer weather which accentuates any indoor/outdoor flow and promotes private outdoor areas as ‘outdoor rooms’ adjoining the house. Staging these areas to help potential buyers see the lifestyle possibilities for these areas can enable them to visualise themselves living here. There is a big difference between a buyer looking at an outside area as just ’65 sq metres of backyard’ and seeing it as ‘an entertainment area for family and friends’ or ‘a weekend piece of paradise they’ll be rushing to get home to’. Few people see buildings as just bricks and wood. Most of us see our homes as being an asset that enable our lifestyles. Create the opportunity for prospective buyers to envisage their great kiwi summer in a new piece of paradise.

More Time To Think and Look

People have more of a summer spring in their step in warmer weather. With the longer days and shorter nights we tend to achieve more and fit more in like looking at property, especially local property when we are off work. The extra time people have often gets them to thinking about the year ahead and a bit of forward planning often can lead to a review of how the current home is, or isn’t, meeting your needs.

Often, over summer, we will have cashed up families and professional people from other parts of New Zealand needing to relocate for work. Add to this those who have finished their tertiary studies and are either heading out on their own or returning from studies further afield and it all adds up to more active buyers in the market.

Put your Property on a Pedestal

If a bit of forward planning sparks a look at what is currently available it normally reveals lower levels of stock. With less property stock, especially fresh to the market around this time, it is easier to make your property stand out from the competition and even better if a limited supply of homes for sale means that potential buyers end up competing for the right to buy your home. You may like to talk to one of our team about how auction or multiple-offer situations like this can seriously boost your sale price.

Numbers Count

It’s no surprise that January typically produces our highest auction success rates for the year with an average success rate in excess of 85% over the last seven years within the auction marketing period.

Contact us today about exposing your property with our Great Kiwi Endless Summer marketing campaign!