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Items you MUST have for a zero-waste kitchen

No straw please”, “I don’t need a plastic bag”, “No receipt needed”, and “I will just carry it” are music to the environments ears. Being conscious of what you need, don’t need and what you take for granted will open your eyes to the products you are using and the products you can actually live without.

Here at Harcourts Cooper & Co we have put together a list of eight small differences that you can make at home in the kitchen to create a zero-waste frame of mind. With the surplus of innovative new products on the market, it is actually easier than you think.

1. Swap plastic wrap for 100% compostable and reusable Beeswax food wrap

Instead of using plastic wrap or aluminum foil, use and reuse beeswax cloth. Wrap the children’s lunch or your partners if you make their lunch too, with the Honey Wrap, an alternative to cling wrap. Made from 100% organic cotton blended with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. Buy here.

2. Swap plastic lunch boxes Reusable stainless-steel lunch boxes

Alas, there’s finally an eco-alternative to the old plastic lunch box. Planetbox is a great option for the kids & adults alike! You could wrap your sandwich in plastic for lunch… or you could pack it in a stainless steel lunch box you’ll be using for ages. Eco friendly, safe stainless, built to last, great design, easy to clean and great for the environment. Buy Here. 

3. Swap disposable paper towels for Resalable unpaper towels

As handy as paper towels are, they are playing a huge role in damaging our environment. Think you can’t give up the good old paper towels? These colorful, reusable, highly absorbent towels will make you change your mind. These clothes absorb 15 times its own weight and outlasts 16 sheets of paper towel! Replace dish sponges with pretty, machine-washable ones! They’re made from a combination of terry cloth, cotton flannel and polyester mesh. Buy Here.

4. Swap plastic produce bags for reusable Mesh market bag

We’ve already got New World and Countdown on board with ditching plastic bags for bring your own reusable ones. But, you can take it a step further, with these environmentally pure, 100% biodegradable organic reusable fresh produce bags. Buy here.

5. Swap disposable coffee cups for a reusable coffee mug.

We understand that some of you simply can’t get out of the house without coffee. That doesn’t mean you always have to buy and then throw out disposable plastic cups. Brands such as Keep Cups encourage the use of reusable cups by delivering sustainable cups. An organization who wants to kick start the demise of the disposable coffee cup. Cafe’s are more than happy to make your daily cuppa  in your reusable mug. Buy here. 

6. Swap plastic drink bottles for Reusable water bottle.

If you’ve invested in the reusable coffee cup, why not take it one step further and upgrade your water bottle drinking game. Everybody needs to hydrate and everybody needs a water bottle, so why not do something to help the environment while you’re at it. The stainless steel bottle will help to keep your beverage of choice hot or cold for 24 hours. Bottles such as S’well, are not only environmentally friendly, but each lust worthy bottle is beautifully handcrafted and perfect for those with discerning taste. Buy here.

7. Swap plastic drinking straws for Glass drinking straws

If you can’t have a smoothie, or even better a cocktail without a straw, you should be using reusable, durable glass or stainless steel ones! Plastic straws are a thing of the past, these new reusable straws are the go to when it comes to sustainable sippin’ and having a strong smoothie game. Brands such as Caliwood straws come in two variations: one, bent and the other straight. Buy Here. 

8. Swap plastic Tupperware to glass WECK jars

Eco-abusive plastic Tupperware is so 70s. Its time you reorganised your kitchen storage with glass jars. Your kitchen isn’t complete until you start using WECK jars! You can use them for canning, baking, freezing, storing and so much more. Needless to say, they look super cute on the shelf!

Now that you have the tools, you can go out and do your bit for the environment and plant. And make the “North Shore and even greater place to live”.