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Hop on over to the North Shore for the best Hot Cross buns this Easter.

With Easter just around the corner, we have made a list of the top 5 cafes and bakery’s to get Hot Cross Buns on the North Shore.


1. OTT | Birkenhead

Pronounced Ott, like his last name. The Owner Chris Ott has been baking his famous Easter buns for seven years now. Based out of his bakery on the corner of Birkenhead Ave, in Birkenhead. Chris, who is originally from Germany, brought the famous hot cross bun recipe to the North Shore all the way from the UK. The secret? Ensuring you have a good recipe, perfecting the skill of making the dough – the proving and the baking, and then leaving them in the fridge overnight to marinade, to make them taste better.

More about OTT here.


OTT – Birkenhead

2. Bread and Butter Bakery | Milford

Bread & Buttery Bakery in Milford, say the secret to ensuring there glazed bun standout from the rest is their organic ingredients, the secret blend of seven different spices and lengthy fermentation process. The more time you give them, the better the flavour will be.

More about Bread and Butter here.

Bread and Butter x Huckleberries

Huckleberries have also teamed up with Bread & Butter to bring an extra special hot cross bun this year. They’re limited edition too – so be sure to get in quick! These hotcross buns are filled with delicious dried fruit and spices, organic ingredients, and lovingly baked in small batches, to ensure the best quality and taste for you. Be sure to stock up with plenty for weekend breakfasts and afternoon teas. Toasted and enjoyed with your favorite butter and jam.

Bread and Butter – Milford

3. Wild Wheat Bakery | Devonport

The Wild Wheat Bakery, located in Devonport have a 16 year old award-winning recipe for their handcrafted hot cross buns. The sourdough bread comes with fruit, spice, and all things nice. The ingredients list is not shy of mixed peel, currants, sultanas, raisins and spice which keeps the buns light and fluffy and fresher for longer. The tradition which features soaking the fruit and spices together for over 24 hours and creating each hot cross bun lovingly by hand. Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing with a “perfect round shape, glistening with a sticky glaze and sporting a perfectly aligned cross”.

More about Wild Wheat Bakery here.


Wild Wheat Bakery – Devonport


Little and Friday – Takapuna

4. Little and Friday | Takapuna

Little and Friday Bakery, based in Takapuna, bake Hot Cross Buns however, not so traditional. Rather than being soft, spongy and fluffy, these hot cross buns are almost more like little cakes and will fill you up after one. The bread itself boasts just enough spice and the cross on top, is sweeter than most. Be sure to get in quick, and grab these delicious treats fresh out of the oven daily, around 10am.

More about Little and Friday here.


5. New World Bakery | Birkenhead

Baking industry association New Zealand placed these hot cross buns second in New Zealand. Making these the best Hot Cross Buns in the North Island, and second best in the South. You will wish that every day was Easter with these very traditional hot cross buns which including sultanas, currant and spice flavour. Everybody will love these, served straight from the oven, with melted butter.

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Mimosa Cafe | Located in Takapuna caters for those who are gluten-free. They offer a raw hot cross bun. More here.

Lily Eatery | Located in Devonport, this cafe is offering up a special brioche bun for the Easter season. Filled with pecans, apples, cinnamon and a salted caramel glaze. More here.

Little Bird Unbakery | If you are up for a trip across the bridge to Ponsonby, then this unbakery has plenty of healthy treats, including a raw hot cross bun, Easter truffles and a Caramel and cream nest. More here.

Giapo | Although they havnt released anything yet, be sure to keep a look out for Giapo’s Easter creation. Last year they created a Hot Cross Bun, part cone, part spiced ice cream, part hot cross bun. Served warm. More here

Giapo – Auckland City


Mimosa Cafe – Takapuna