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Community Relationships

There’s no doubt in our mind that the Greater North Shore truly is a great place to live and at Harcourts Cooper & Co we pride ourselves on our community relationships.  We are so committed to keeping it that way that we, both as individuals and from a branch/company perspective, work hard to support local community events wherever possible.  We will happily support any event from local school fairs to the free Auckland Symphony Orchestra concert at Lake Pupuke and all sorts in between.  

If you are looking for support of an event that benefits the local Greater North Shore Community see ‘Need Some Help’ below.  We’d love to help if we are able to.


Did you know that since starting the Community Relationship Team within Harcourts Cooper & Co we have consistently, year after year, become more and more involved in supporting our local community?

In 2013 we supported over 75 Greater North Shore sponsorships and events
In 2014 we supported over 155 Greater North Shore sponsorships and events
In 2015 we supported over 275 Greater North Shore sponsorships and events
In 2016 we supported over 405 Greater North Shore sponsorships and events
In 2017 we supported over 430 Greater North Shore & North West sponsorships and events


Over the last 4 years events that Harcourts Cooper & Co have been involved in helped our local community raise over $3.9 million. These events ranged from school fairs, sausage sizzles, raffles to trivia nights, fundraising dinners and charity auctions and lots of others in between.


As well as helping to fund schools, sports teams, charities and organisations we are also more than happy to help out by providing use of our gazebos, tables and chairs.  If you need rain or sun shade for your sports days, swimming days, Ag days, school fairs etc we’d love to help out if we can.  Please contact your local Harcourts Cooper & Co office to see if the date you need is available.

Harcourts Cooper & Co receive requests for funding on a regular basis.  In order to assist you in ensuring that your request is viewed favourably here’s a few ideas on what we would like to hear from you…

To be considered proposals must include:

Key details of the event including date, time, place and what is involved.
Where possible an overview of your marketing plan would be helpful.
A list of sponsors who have already committed to the event.
Your thoughts on how we can work together as a team to assist the community. 

We will consider proposals for all events held on the Greater North Shore or assisting the wider community. We will consider proposals that have a minimum of two month’s lead time to effectively plan and implement ideas on how we can assist (however will still look at proposals with less lead time if necessary). We will consider proposals that have a genuine fit with our company values.

Please note: logo and/or name exposure is considered a bonus but is not the primary goal of any sponsorship we commit to. 

You are welcome to contact your local Harcourts Cooper & Co agent or office or alternatively feel free to contact our Community Relationship Manager, Rosie Stevenson, on with your detailed sponsorship proposal.  All proposals will be reviewed to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required (human and monetary).  

We will do our best to reply to you as soon as this has been done regardless of the outcome.


The idea of an ice-cream truck that went out and about within our local community helping raise funds for schools, teams and charities first came about at a Business Planning session and it just grew from there.  Finding the truck proved to be a bit of a challenge and it was only when we were meeting with St Johns Ambulance, who we support, that the idea of converting a decommissioned ambulance came about – and from then on we were off!  Initially we were looking at a Mr Whippy type scenario but then people kept saying that you can’t beat a good old traditional rolled ice-cream in a cone so we contacted Tip-Top who came to the party.  They have been extremely generous to us helping out with the loan of freezers, delivery of the ice-cream and the cone sleeves and they help out with other events we sponsor.    

We also decided that while having an ice-cream truck was great it was really only practical for the summer months so we decided that we would add coffee to the mix and that way we could be active fairly consistently throughout the year.  Atomic Coffee, like Tip-Top, just understood what we were trying to do and what we were hoping to achieve in giving back to the community and they also stepped up to help us out.  We are now very proud to have  fully trained baristas working in the truck and serving exceptional Atomic coffee to the community.  Our business partners pitched in as well helping with everything from purchasing the generator (so we can go anywhere and be totally self-sufficient) to the design and look of the truck.  After a month or so we realised that we could make more money for the charities we were supporting if we had EFTPOS available so our wonderful banking partner ASB provided us with a mobile EFTPOS terminal. 

So how does it work you might ask?  Basically you need to talk to your local Harcourts Cooper & Co agent and let them know what the fundraising event is and if it is something they are keen to support they will see if the date is available.  By the way, coffee&cone does need to be parked on a flat surface, preferably not grass, in order for the coffee machine to work.  And once you’ve booked it in we pretty much take care of the rest. We will turn up and get set up 20-30 minutes prior to opening, we have our own generator (which can be a bit loud so don’t put us next to the stage), own water and we come fully staffed.  We also have gazebos, tables and chairs that we can use if required for an outdoor cafe.   We, in general, sell ice-creams for $2 per single scoop with $1 going to fundraising, and for coffees we sell them for $4 with $2 going to fundraising.  We will advise you of the funds raised and ask you to send us an invoice for the amount owed and payment will be made to your school, sports team, charity or organisations bank account.  

And that’s how coffee&cone came about and where it is heading.  If you want to be part of the journey talk to your local Harcourts Cooper & Co sales consultant or office today or contact the team on for more information.

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“The board were totally blown away when I mentioned the contribution from Harcourts Cooper & Co ($992) from the ice cream/coffee sales at the Nationals. You guys are great. Simply great. (I can’t wait to get started on these things with you!!) I look forward to a continuing association with you and your team over the coming years. I can’t thank you enough!”
Browns Bay Bowling Club

“‘I can no other answer make but thanks and thanks and ever thanks…..’ William Shakespeare. On behalf of the Carmel College PTFA thank you for Harcourts Cooper & Co support of ArtFusions. The amount raised will be in the vicinity of $70,000 net. We are very happy with this and these funds will go towards our IT upgrade. It was also pleasing to see that around 2,500 people attended the event. Thanks once again.”
Carmel College PTFA

“On behalf of the Milford Business Association I would sincerely like to thank you for the sponsorship you provided for Christmas by the Lake. Your generous grant has enabled us to put together this premium event for the Milford community.”

“Although we provide a fun filled week, nothing compares to the shrieks of delight when the ‘Ice cream truck’ pulled up. You brought a smile to all of the children’s faces and cooled us down on a hot Summer’s day. We also appreciate that you drove for an hour to our venue. Your commitment to ‘helping make a difference’ is really appreciated.”
Burn Support Group Charitable Trust Inc.

“We thank you so much for your recent support of the 007 James Bond Extravaganza. We have mentioned previously, and will say it again, that we truly could not have delivered this event without your support. The Rotary North Harbour team are very grateful to you and your team for everything you did for this event.”

“Thanks so much for your team’s involvement in our event. It makes a huge difference to the vibe and the takings – specially having Andrew North working the crowd!.We think we may have cleared $100K profit this year. Just about a house deposit in the hugely popular Hauraki Corner! Our live auctions raised nearly $50,000 – wow!”
Hauraki School PTFA