work from home is becoming increasingly common.

Create a home office to increase your sale price

Many jobs can now be done remotely and working from home is becoming increasingly common.

This means an office space can be an attractive point of difference when you are looking to sell.

Your goal is to make your office appeal to the widest range of home buyers possible.

work from home

And you don’t necessarily have to dedicate an entire room to it, a well-planned out corner or space can suffice.

Choose a space that is not a “high traffic” area, so there is no danger of it being in the way.

Think about what is vital to making the space work. It could be a strategically placed shelf or a cleverly designed desk. Every item should be functional and efficient at what it does.

work from home

Don’t over fill the space. And don’t use your desk as a storage area – your desktop should be 75% clear of clutter during open homes. Remember nobody likes to see other people’s “stuff” in an open home.

That said, don’t be afraid to make the area look interesting by using your creative flair. It doesn’t have to be cold and clinical, just don’t over personalise.

If you are going to dedicate an entire room to an office, your first priority should be to make it into a place that people will want to spend time in.

The room should be warm, well-lit and inviting. You may also like to think about making it multi-use, for example add a fold out sofa so it can double as a guest bedroom.

And if you feel like you don’t have room for a home office anywhere, try using a spare cupboard. Paint the interior a light, neutral colour. Install a shelf or two and fit a desk top. Add a few accessories and you will have created a smart and functional office space.

VIDEO EXTRA: Create a desk “tidy” with some help from Resene.