Staff Structure of Harcourts Cooper & Co | Wide Variety of Skills
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Harcourts Cooper & Co Staff Structure

At Harcourts Cooper & Co we have Property Management running from six of our offices.

Our largest office is home to our Property Management Finance and Water Rates Administrators, Tenancy Manager, Business Development Manager, Team Leader, Four Property Managers, Office Administrator and Head of Department.

We have six Property Managers working in out other offices alongside Office Administrators.

Our team works closely together to provide a wide variety of skills and knowledge to our clients.

Property Managers & Office Administrators

Each property is assigned to a Property Manager and along with the support of an Office Adminstrator, Assistant Property Manager or both they are the primary contact for the property owner and are responsible for:

  • Establishing accurate rental rates by surveying local rent rates using recommended sites, staying updated of industry trends and changing market drivers.
  • Selecting tenants through proper process, including credit checking, obtaining references etc.
  • Preparing rental agreement for tenants.
  • Collecting the required deposit and bond from tenants.
  • Accomplishing financial objectives through rental collections, managing accounts, scheduling expenditure and initiating corrective action.
  • Maintaining property by investigating and resolving tenant issues, enforcing rules of occupancy, using regular inspection process & planning repairs.
  • Enforcing occupancy policies and procedures in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  • Advising property owners on improvements to the tenancy/property in order to maintain current market rate.
  • Liaising with property owners and tenants to encourage positive relationships and to resolve tenant/owner issues and conflicts easily.
Business Development Manager

Our Business Development Manager Rachel Readhead has extensive knowledge of the Auckland area and rental market. Rachel is the point of call for all new business leads and enquiries. Rachel will:

  • Carry out rental assessments to determine market rents.
  • Meet with potential clients to answer questions and queries.
  • Visit all new managements to ensure that they comply with the new health and safety laws and gives advice to owners of what needs to be done to attract the best tenant.
  • Introduces the Property Manager and liaises with the owner on a regular basis until the property is rented.
  • Works closely with the sales team and their clients who have purchased investment properties.
  • Assists all new clients to complete the Property Management Agreement
  • Follows up with owners and Property Managers within the first month of management to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
Tenancy Manager

Our Tenancy Manager is responsible for maintaining property rentals by advertising and filling vacancies.

Ahmed Ali knows the entire Auckland area and rental market and keeps the team updated on changing market drivers.

Ahmed will liase with owners and tenants to encourage positive relationships throughout the renting process.

Inspection Agents

Out Inspection Agents carry out routine inspections throughout the tenancy.

They will report all suggested works, urgent remedial works, safety hazards and required works under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to the Property Manager.

The Inspection Agents send the completed inspection to the Property Manager and discuss issues, if any, regarding the property.

Finance and Water Rates Administrators

Our Finance and Water Rates Administrators provide support for the entire team.

Darenne Mullen oversees all Property Management financial processes, ensures that all our auditing requirements are met and brings together all the necessary portfolio data to enable us to gain recognition in National and Regional Awards.

Fale Seu (Finance & Waterrates Administrators) receives and processes all the water rates for the properties that we manage and also provides back up support for Darenne.

Tenancy Tribunal Manager

We have a Tenancy Tribunal Manager who attends to all our tribunal matters this includes preparing all necessary documentations for Tenancy Tribunal.

Lee Bellam has over 30 years experience in Property Management and assists with legal matters & training of new legislation.

Head of Department and Team Leader

Lara Mullane, the Head of Department, oversees the smooth running of the Property Management department within Harcourts Cooper & Co.

Lara works actively within the business to ensure that everyone is working as they should be to provide a gold class service to our clients.

Lara attends to any complaints or issues that may arise in or outside the business.

The Team Leader is Christine Stevens who ensures that all policies and procedures are adhered to at all times. Christine is the reliever in the company so that when one of our staff members are away the properties, owners and tenants receive the same standard of care.


Harcourts National Awards 2016 – 1st Place Top National Office Property Management Revenue

Harcourts National Awards Certificate of Excellence Award – Top Business Development Manager for Property Management – 2nd Place

REINZ Awards for Excellence 2016 – Winner Residential Property Management of the Year

First Quarter 2016/2017 April – June

Top National Property Management Office – Business Development Award

Top National Property Management Office – Excellence Award

Top National Property Management Office – Highest Revenue Award

Top Business Development Manager in the Northern Region

Top National Property Manager – 1st Place

Top Property Manager in the Northern Region – 2nd Place